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There is a great deal of overlap between the E31, E32 and E38 so I will not provide separate links for each model. Instead I offer links to the very top sites, these also provide links to other sites that will be of interest.

The 7 Series Register: Most of the repairs made on this site were made possible with the help of The 7 Series Register which although based in the UK, is an international Forum. The 7 Series Register is a friendly Forum made up of diverse members, with those interested in repairs, maintenance and upkeep of the 7-Series and 8-Series BMW's. The7SeriesRegister's biggest asset is friendliness, there is always a warm welcome for new members whatever level of experience.

The 7 Series Register

Shogun: Erich is one of the pioneers of 7-Series information, his influence is found throughout the world in the majority of BMW Forum's. There is no doubt that he is the worlds authority on the V12 engine used in the E31, E32 and E38. He specialises in the E32 and the M70 engine but his experience is much wider than this. His great forte is as a communicator of all things BMW, if you find a post by Shogun, know that the information is correct!

Shogun's 7-Series Tips And Tricks

Johan and Sean: I've spent many hours going through the information on Johan and Sean's site, they specialise on the E32, both the I-6 and V12 variants. Their information comes first-hand, they do all the work themselves and document that work as they do it. All fixes are comprehensive and accompanied by photographs, their greatest forte is that 'they will have a go' no matter how difficult or complicated the task is!

Johan And Sean's E32 Page

E38.org: David Cecil is another pioneer for the 7-Series, E38.org is a huge site with a great number of fixes, user manuals and links to other resources. If you can't find the information here it probably does not exist. E38.org uses many 2nd-party fixes from the excellent Bimmerboard. The only downside is that David has no control over the content of these links and as time goes on the number of missing photographs and dead links increase. However, with this much information some dead links are inevitable, it is still the major source of information on the E38 and also has vast information on other BMW models.

David Cecil's E38.org

Bimmerforums 8-Series pages: I have only recently come across this Forum while searching for 8-Series information. I am happy to say that it is frequented by knowledgeable, friendly owners and is the most lively E31 Forum I have found. The Forum is just the right size which means the information is accurate and well-covered but not too large and over-busy.

Bimmerforums 8-Series

RealOEM: This site has been around for years and is THE source for part numbers and exploded diagrams for all models of BMW. It is an invaluable source of information. Enter the last 7 digits of your cars VIN for full part-number accuracy and then save the resultant page to your favourites.



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