Thank you to all the visitors to meeknet. I started meeknet's BMW pages just to store the fixes that I made on my E32 730i, I have an awful memory which is why I document everything I do in pictures and text. All the text and pictures are produced when working on my own cars, the pdf files come from various sources that I have come across when researching my own fixes. BMW does a good job of hiding lots of useful information in the most unexpected of places. I decided to host the routines on my website so I could have access to them from any computer. Meeknet went live in 2006.

Today (2020), meeknet gets 8000 - 9000 page-views per day from all over the world, some from places I've never even heard of. The USA and the UK account for 50% of the traffic, the other 50% is represented by 98 other nations (the web data on lists the top 100). The data downloaded per day averages 50 megabytes, but on some days over 1GB whizzes down the wires, goodness knows where it all ends up!

I wrote the 7-Series Buying Guide after buying my first E38 (I sort of stumbled across my E32 that started it all by chance), because I realised I hadn't a clue what I was buying and what was available, the 8-Series Guide was made because of the same problems.

I bought an E64 650i in 2015 and have started the E63/E64 pages - a lot to do yet, but it's on it's way

 I enjoy writing the 'How-To's', and am really happy that meeknet has become so popular. I am glad to be part of the 7-Series and 8-Series communities and that many of these routines are copied onto the major Forum's. If any of these routines have saved you a few quid - feel free to bung some towards meeknet - it will help with the hosting fees, they seem to increase by the day!

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