Relay K4 Socket X58 A/C Blower Via F21, F19
Timm's BMW E31 Relay Finder
To find a particular fuse, type <CTRL>F and type a search term (such as PUMP) - then press Enter. This will highlight all relays associated with the PUMP such as fuel pump, washer pump, aux water pump etc. Click on the highlighted relay number to open the relevant page of the circuit diagram. This relay allocation list comes from various sources - unfortunately some don’t agree - and the pictures below may not show what is fitted in your E31 - in particular the M73 850ci is not well documented (the last circuit diagram being 1995)
Relay K3 Socket X57 Unloader Relay Terminal R Power to F15, F18
Relay K1w Socket X55 Starter Immobilisation Relay (early production)
Relay K38 Socket X10047 Wiper Relay III Controlled via A5 Relay Module
Relay K37 Socket X10045 Wiper Relay II Controlled via A5 Relay Module
Relay K36 Socket X10044 Wiper Relay I Controlled via A5 Relay Module
Relay K22 Socket X53 Auxiliary Fan (High Speed)
Relay K12 Socket X291 Wiper Pressure Control
Module N8 Socket X61 Headlight Cleaning System
Relay K21 Socket X52 Auxiliary Fan (Normal Speed)
Module N17 Socket X65 Crash Control Module
Relay K39 Socket X280 Pop-Up Headlights
Relay K61 Socket X1012 Unloader Relay Terminal 61 Rear Defogger DWA
Relay K60 Socket X10042 Compressor Cut- off Relay (early prod only)
Relay K19 Socket X10041 Compressor Control Relay Supplies S96 - Refrigerant double pressure switch
Relay K42 Socket X10041 Intensive Wash Relay (F15)
Relay K5 Socket X10040 Washer Pump Relay (F15)
Relay K8 Socket X10040 Auxiliary Water Pump Relay
Relay K33 Socket X10039 Air Conditioning Relay This demands an idle speed increase when requested by A/C
Relay K2 Socket X10039 Horn Relay Power From F9
Relay K51 Socket X941 Jumper for Horn and Telephone
Relay K199 Socket X83 Servotronic Steering
Relay K46 Socket X43 High-Beam Lights Relay
Relay K9 Socket X63 Unloader Relay Terminal 15 Power to F12, F16, F17, F49
Relay K16 Socket X64 Hazard Flasher Relay
Relay K52z Socket X281 FTP Light Strip Flashers (used as main beams in UK)
Relay K13 Socket X292 Rear defogger Radio Antenna Amplifier Also used for DWA (rear window break)
Relay K73 Socket X13015 Consumer Cut-off Relay II Coil Powered by K72 Controls Interior Lights Glove Box Light
Relay K30 Socket X287 Electric Power Protection Relay II Supplies Power to A5 Relay Module Controlled by A1 General Module
Relay K15 Socket X294 Electric Power Protection Relay I Supplies Power to A5 Relay Module Controlled by A1 General Module
Relay K70 Socket X1376 Boot (Trunk) Lid Motor Relay Central Locking
Relay K72 Socket X13001 Consumer Cut-off Relay I Powered by F33 Controlled by A5
Relay K111 Socket X13167 Daylight Running Lights (CDN) Powered only in START
Relay K94 Socket X18766 ABS/ASC+T Pump Motor Relay
Relay K95 Socket X18767 ABS/ASC+T Hydraulic Valves Relay
Relay K109 Socket X11255 Secondary Air Pump Relay The coil supply on this relay also activates the Pump Valve M73 Engine Only
Relay K6304 Socket X11255 High-Speed Demand of Secondary Air Pump Relay (shorts out series resistor) M73 Engine Only
Relay K6320 Socket X6320 DME Relay Cylinders 7 - 12 Powers EML Module, Injectors, MAF, Fuel Pump, Evaporative Emission Valve
Relay K6311 Socket X6311 Fuel Pump Relay Cylinders 1 - 6 Powers EBox Fan, F23 and Fuel Pump
Relay K6321 Socket X6311 Fuel Pump Relay Cylinders 7 - 12 Via F24
Relay K6310 Socket X6310 DME Relay Cylinders 1 - 6 Powers Injectors and coil supply on Fuel Pump Relay Evaporative Emission Valve
Relay K26 Socket X13052 Behind LHS of Dash near bonnet release lever Right Park Lights License-Plate Relay Canada Only
Relay K6301w Socket X6301 BLUE Powers Fuel Pump via F23 Also powers EBox fan
Relay K6303 Socket X6303 ORANGE Lambda Sensor Heater Supply
Relay K25 Socket X509 Behind LHS of Dash near bonnet release lever Right Park Lights License-Plate Relay Canada Only
Relay K25 Socket X509 LHS Front Side Kick-Panel License-Plate Relay Canada Only
Relay K29 Socket X13052 LHS of Left-Hand Footwell Interior Light Relay Used by the General Module to switch ON the interior lights automatically Power from F33