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September 2017 and the 840's cabin is getting very hot - initially I thought that the A/C had lost its refrigerant again but no, the heater valves have failed, well they lasted 19 years I suppose. During the hot weather I devised a clamp made from two small spanners and tie-wraps to pinch off the heater hose to stop being fried while my Ebay replacement water valves made their way from Germany. I have updated this routine to include new information gleaned. The 650i's gear changes are getting worse, time to reset the adaptations again. I've fitted LED fog lights to match the Halo's, a certain amount of messing about is required to stop the bulb warnings, but nothing too taxing. ----------------- x x x x x ----------------- August 2017 and nothing to report really - both cars are running fine, the 840ci gearbox selector switch is causing no problems and the 650i's auxiliary water pump is keeping things warm. The A/C was fixed by the replacement of the compressor and a regas, all for £400, can't complain. Next on the agenda is sorting the E31's rust. Just coming to the end of May and the A/C has given up on the 840ci and the heating has gone feeble on the 650i - this is due to the failure of the auxiliary water pump. I finished replacing the pump today and will write it up, quite a simple job to do and the pump was reasonably cheap at £55 - can't complain. April and I've taken a break from my new project to fix an annoying oil-leak on the E64. I'm normally not that fussed about small oil-leaks, especially as I've had seven cars with the M62 engine and the normal leaking valve cover gaskets - but this time the oil is blowing back onto the exhaust and it stinks. The source of the oil is from the vacuum pump, which is required on the N62 as there is very little manifold vacuum - and vacuum is needed for the brake booster. These have a large flat cover which is sealed by an o-ring - and the combination of heat and age changes the properties of the o-ring and it fails. An easy job which can have a bit of a sting as it is easy to damage the pump - so I decided to do the job in an order that ensures the pump is not damaged. It's the start of April 2017 and not much has changed, I've been busy on a new project that has reduced the time spent on the cars. The 840ci's A/C has run out of gas, well, it lasted five months, just long enough for the hot weather to turn up. I'll get it re gassed again and see how long it lasts, at some point I will have to mend something. Apart from that it is running well and the cleaning of the gearbox selector switch has fixed the transmission problem I had. The 650i needs a brake-reaction bush and the exhaust is leaking at a joint, two jobs I'll pass on to the local garage. Middle of February and I'm back in the 840ci with working gears again. The problem was the gear selector which is fitted to the RHS of the gearbox, and open to the elements. To counter these harsh conditions the switch is a work of art, fully sealed and filled with an anti-corrosion fluid. It is normal to find sealed wires going into the switch - but what wasn't expected was a clear pipe going into it! The pipe is used during the manufacturing process to fill the switch with contact fluid to keep the contacts clean and corrosion out. The fluid is eventually lost through the seals and the switch starts to fail. And that's exactly what mine did, there were small leakage currents between the contacts and that was enough to cause illegal switch patterns - and that upset the gearbox computer no end. The fix was two-fold, I initially modified the gearbox computer (EGS) to provide a greater current to the switch and that got me driving again - I then flushed and re-filled the switch with WD40 to disperse contamination and any moisture - and that brought the switch back to production performance - I'll write it up later - also done was oil and filter on both cars and clearing moisture from more-or-less all the lights on the 650i - the seals are hopeless. After trying to support two versions of each web page (both widescreen and mobile versions) I have decided to drop the low-resolution version as most mobile devices have more than enough resolution to display either. The main problem was editing finished pages, it caused all sorts of synchronisation errors - I'd rather write up new routines (I've got loads waiting) than mess about trying to get both versions working - so, new pages will be 1200 pixels wide only. Two weeks into February and the 840ci has done two things, it’s reached 160,000 miles, and more importantly decided to change gears at random - trundling up the A3 in 3rd gear isn’t much fun. Fortunately, stopping the car, switching off and back on fixed that, it went into TRANS FAIL-SAFE PROG and locked itself in 4th gear (as it is designed to do). The way it was randomly changing gear points to moisture and salt getting into the gear selector switch which is stuck to the side of the gearbox. So, with snow forecast for the weekend it will be up on ramps and out with the WD40 - I'll write it up if it fixes it. Coming to the end of January, all we have had this year is fog, more fog, freezing temperatures and salt, lots of salt. The 8-Series has spent most of this year on the drive, sheltering from the salted roads only seeing use once or twice a week and washed down immediately afterwards. So, the 6-Series has seen a bit more use than normal and has a bit of work done - crankcase ventilation (again), front water drains (again) and timing-chain tensioner, well, one of them, one's extremely easy, the other one is nigh-on impossible with the engine in the car. Clearing the drains again after all the leaves had fallen seemed like a good idea, especially before the leaves had decomposed. No problems there, quite a few crispy leaves removed and the 'How-To' routine updated with a few new photographs. There has been a return of the slight hesitation when a minuscule amount of throttle is used after coasting - something that was fixed last time by replacement of the two PCV's. Both PCV's proved to be fully intact, but a certain amount of gunge had returned on Bank 1. The system is slightly different between the banks, Bank 1's PCV is mounted remotely, this is done because they both used to ice-up when fitted to the valve covers - and that blew the valve-cover gaskets out - so BMW moved one so that it was external to the head inside its own foam-insulated assembly. The new device added a cavity for any moisture that may have frozen so that the vent remained clear. That was all well and good except instead of icing-up it gunged-up instead with a mixture of oil and water. Easily enough to remove except that the gunge trickles down the pipework into the valve cover, and that needs to be cleared out - I will update the 'How-To' to cover this job which necessitates the (easy) removal of the complete assembly. It was interesting to run the engine with parts of the PCV/OSV system removed - there is information from BMW that says the inlet manifold vacuum is practically zero due to the throttle valve being fully open and idle controlled by valve-lift. Turns out that is not the case as there was a lot of manifold vacuum which I used to check Bank 1's OSV was clear after pulling gunge out of the pipework. Now and again I get a bit of top-end rattle, especially at high revs, my friend (Rupe) has replaced both timing-chain tensioners with good results (I had a blast in his 650i a week or so ago). So, I decided to replace the tensioners knowing that Bank 1's is difficult to get to. So far I have replaced Bank 2's tensioner and look forward to doing the other one! It's the start of 2017 and the cars are both going fine - during the break I had another go at fitting the 3200 Lumen LED units in the FTP main beams. As earlier reported I have a spare set of the main-beam rear covers so I cut a hole in the back that allowed the back of the LED some space - and then fitted small ABS boxes over the hole and made them waterproof again. There was a certain amount of fiddling required to get the LED, it's power regulator and connectors inside the FTP - but I got them all in eventually. And the results were..... awful! When I thought about it a bit more the reason it was awful was obvious and a small modification made the light output excellent in around 10 minutes - all to be revealed once I write it up (written-up here) - in the end there wasn't even a need to cut holes in the back cover! It’s a couple of days before Christmas and the 840ci’s ABS/ASC+T pump has decided to slow down enough to illuminate the warning lights on the dash. So, the pump needs a bit of exercise but I don’t have diagnostics with me - so I’ve got a new plan. and it’s pretty straight-forward and seems to have done the trick - I’ve expanded the original piece to include the new method. Although I cleared my front drains in the 6-Series a while ago, I’ve just got around to clearing the rear ones, and a good thing too as they were pretty well blocked. It’s not a bad job, but one that certainly needs to be done before the car floods as they seem prone to. Written up here. The E31 passed the MOT, but only just, it failed initially on emissions but the garage kindly put some injector cleaner through it and it passed. Probably due to the 200-cell cats I have fitted, but it’s been  four years or so on a cheap pair of cats so I can’t complain. I’ve fixed the RHS Light Pod so the light output isn’t restricted to illuminating a single metre of road in front of the car - the problem was I broke the centre fulcrum point (which looks like an adjuster but isn’t) while fitting a new bulb, I glued it back in place, but that left the aim miles out. I tried to pull the internal assembly back into position and broke the two outer adjusters. So, I glued those back in place as well! Due to a bit of glue spillage on the metal adjusting point meant that a bit of heat was required, but all good, the headlight aiming went well  and the lights are fine again now - I’m using LED main beams which are very effective - I’ll write that up later. Having a warm and dry Saturday allowed me to complete a job I’ve been putting off for ages, water-proofing the soft top on the 6-Series. This is a pain of a job as the waterproofing stuff tends to roll off the centre of the soft-top and run down the car body which leaves streaks. This time I had a plan to stop the fluid running - wetting the edges of the canvas with warm water first - this stops the beads of fluid running off the sides as it just soaks into the canvas as it is already wet. Finished in 20 minutes so we are good for the winter now. December, and the Sword has failed in the E31, I only have no blower - or - full blower, nothing in-between. I had a quick look at the connections to the Sword as I have seen failures where the only problem is that the plug fails to make good contact with the sword. A quick poke at the bullet-end pins on the plug with a sharp tool opens them up enough to make a good contact again. Well, I might have been able to contort myself in my early forties on the E32 (which has the same system), but nearing sixty I can hardly reach the blooming connector let alone disconnect it and poke the contact pins. I was considering designing and fitting a bit of modern electronics to control the fan speed without generating 100W of heat - I’ll have a think, and might actually do that instead of struggling to get the blooming sword out. At least the good news is that the A/C is blowing cold air still and no leaks detected - but there again, it has been minus 6C here the last couple of days. Just about the end of November and I thought I would update my tests of replacement LED units, this time using the copper braid cooling system rather than the little fans. I had a stab at replacing the H3 bulbs used in the FTP’s (used as flashers in the US and as main-beams in the UK), but there is very little room. I had managed to find second-hand backs to the FTP’s so I could cut holes in them if needed - but other bits and bobs get in the way. I will try again another day but decided to try H1 replacements in the pop-up lights to see how well they work in there - and they work pretty well for the main beams where the less-than-perfect light dispersal isn’t a problem. They are very bright, but, as per usual I was ham-fisted and broke one of the blooming adjusters. More to follow if I can get them pointing the right way again! Ever tried to find which fuse has blown on the E31 when something has stopped working? It’s not easy, there are two paper labels that will help a bit, one in the Front Power Distribution box, one in the Rear Power Distribution box. The listings on these are not exhaustive, a bit confusing and are often missing. The same problem is true for the relays. So, I thought I would simply produce pictures of the fuses and relays and add labels, but, seeing that this is done on a computer it made sense to include some information on each fuse and relay. That all worked out fine but it was difficult to fit in much information without completely clogging up the pages. Eventually I found a way to link to the correct pages of the circuit diagrams using parameters after an Adobe link and off I went trawling the circuit diagrams and produced a smart list that can be searched for the fuse number or the component - you will then get a list of fuses and components for that search term. I have added clickable links that will take you to the appropriate page of the circuit diagrams. I will also produce a searchable list for the relays, but cross-referencing is a lot harder - (done now and it was quite tricky)! ----------xxxxxxxxxx---------- Even though I don't have an E32 or an E38, I still update the pages as I often come across useful pdf's - but the E38 index page has strange formatting that disallows moving it to widescreen or mobile versions. As I have an E31 and E64 those pages get the new routines. Major updates are planned to convert a lot of pages to be widescreen and mobile-friendly. The mobile pages are actually a separate page to the widescreen pages rather than just the same page made smaller and includes different formatting, pictures and text sizes. The website can detect the resolution of the device viewing the page and one of two versions will be displayed. Unfortunately this doubles the hosting space - but, space is cheap these days. 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